SNS Nails – A Nail Manicure with a Difference

Women and beauty go hand-in-hand. When you discuss hands, you have to discuss nail polish because a nail manicure is an ideal way to beautify your hands. Nail polish is in existence since time immemorial, as there are documented records to show women using some way or the other to beautify their nails. Over the last thirty years, there has been a tremendous revolution in the form of the invention of a new kind of nail polish, Dipping Powder.

We shall see the difference between the conventional gel polish and dipping powder in this blog. However, we emphasize that one should use high-quality products like SNS dip powder to beautify your nails and not the hundreds of spurious ones you find on the market.

Dipping Powder and Gel Manicure

  • Gel polish is different from dipping powder because it uses UV radiation to dry the polish. Dipping powder does not require such drying methods because they dry quickly.
  • Both gel and dipping powder polish lasts for two to three weeks.
  • The nails require less maintenance because it does not chip away when using gel polish and dipping powder.
  • Gel manicures give a glossy finish, whereas it is possible to have a matte finish with dipping powder.
  • Gel manicure exposes the skin to UV light at close range and hence can damage delicate skin. There is no such danger with dipping powder.
  • The gel polish removal procedure can weaken your nails because of chipping it away. The dipping powder removal process is a much smoother job.
  • One should note that some dip manicure formulas are not safe and illegal for use in some states like New York. Therefore, one should note this fact before going in for a nail manicure.
  • Though one can perform both these procedures at home, it is advisable to approach a professional to handle nail manicures. It ensures that you get the best SNS Nails ever.

Dipping Powder procedure

One should ensure to use quality products like SNS to get a perfect nail manicure.

The procedure for a dipping powder manicure is straightforward.

  • The initial step is to prepare the nails for the dipping powder job. It is better to use a sterilized nail file to buff and smooth out the nails. One should ensure that there are no chapped edges.
  • The cuticle should be pressed in beautifully. Use a quality cuticle pusher to push it inside the skin.
  • Apply a base coat to the nail using a gentle brush. Apply using smooth lines so as not to get a smudgy look.
  • Dip the nail into the SNS dipping powder so that the powder sticks to the base coat and covers the nail entirely. Dust off the excess powder from the fingers and nails. Use a delicate brush to even out the nail surface.
  • Alternatively, take some dipping powder in a small bowl and dip your nails in it. You should ensure to throw away the excess dip powder if any. This procedure protects you from contracting nail infections, especially if you go to a salon for your dip powder manicure.
  • Repeat the procedure for all your nails.
  • You can repeat the entire procedure if you feel like doing so. It will result in a thicker coat.
  • Dust off the excess powder before applying the topcoat.
  • Use a high-quality topcoat and apply it over the powder using smooth lines. It will ensure your nail gets an even coat.
  • You can go for a glossy or matte finish, depending on your preferences.

Your dip job is now over. You are the proud possessor of some of the most beautiful nails in the world. Your nail polish will last comfortably for a couple of weeks before they start to outgrow it.

The best aspect of dip powder polish is that it does not require any follow-up maintenance. Let us now discuss how to remove the dip powder after two or three weeks.

The Removal Procedure

  • Use a good quality nail file to scrape away the topcoat. Be careful not to file too deep and damage the nail.
  • Dip a cotton ball in acetone and place it over your nails. Tie an aluminum foil around the nail to keep the cotton ball in place.
  • Wait for 20 minutes before removing the foil and the cotton ball.
  • The dip powder should automatically slip off. If it does not do so, repeat the procedure. One should note not to forcible scrape away at the dust, as it could damage your nails.
  • Wash your hands with sanitizer and allow the nails a breather of a week before going in for a fresh dipping powder manicure.


Taking care of your SNS nails is crucial because the nails are the windows to your health. A healthy nail is a sign of a healthy body.