If you are interested in any of the services offered below and live in the upstate New York area, please contact Mindy at [email protected] for details.

Educational Workshops & Group Presentations: on any topic related to Aromatherapy, but specializing in-

  • general essential oils use
  • safe essential oils use during pregnancy and with babies & children
  • cleaning with essential oils

“Make the Switch” Home Visit: Mindy will help you switch out commercial products in your home for more natural ones. A “home visit” lasts 1 hour and includes the entire house. At the end of the visit, the collection of Sweet & Woodsy Aromatherapy Cleaning Products can be purchased at a 10% discount. The “Make the Switch” visit is $65.00.

In Home Essential Oil Parties: invite your friends for a fun and informative afternoon or evening learning about Aromatherapy. Choose from any of the topics above or suggest one that interests you. Product prices for in-home parties are based on size (ie: 1oz is $5; 2oz is $10).

Custom Blending: products created for individual use or retail sale. Individual custom blends are $15 plus the cost of materials; Mindy will provide an estimate before the blend is made. Wholesale prices are available for retail products; please contact Mindy for details.