Pregnancy-Safe Haircare Tips on Shampooing and Dyeing

There are many unexpected experiences when you go through pregnancy, which is unpredictable, but one thing can be told for certain. Your hair growth increases as you are well fed with nutritional supplements, and usually, it improves the condition of the hair. When speaking of hair, it is one of the places of our body where you tend to use lots of chemical-based products.

During pregnancy, these chemicals, when absorbed inside, may pose a risk to the baby. So, you need to check the labels for the harmful chemicals before buying your products. It may be those special curly hair shampoos or one of your favorite conditioners. Just be sure to check the label. Not only hair cleansing products, but hair coloring products are considered toxic to some extent. Though the product is labeled as pregnancy, safe hair dye the authenticity if it is safe or not should be checked personally.

Shampooing Tips:

Shampooing cleanses your hair, but it also dries it out. Rinsing it in between will have your hair cleaned without the harsh effects of shampoo, and you can also cut your chemicals each time you choose to rinse. Keeping your hair clean using safe ingredients is essential. Even though the chemicals that enter your body through your scalp are of minor percentage, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

How Should You Choose Your Shampoo?

  • Sulfate-free
  • Not anti-dandruff
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Strong smells are not recommended

Though your hair might be unpredictable and might change from the original form, it becomes easy to manage it if you do not stress much about it. It usually returns to its original form after pregnancy. Meanwhile, enjoy the change and embrace it while it lasts, you will save it from falling.

Dyeing Tips:

Pregnancy is not the best time to dye your hair and not at all before you are 12 weeks through. Permanent dyes and semi-permanent dyes are considered not so toxic, but still, they are not entirely safe. Exposure to high amounts of chemicals these dyes have does have adverse effects, but the good news is you will be exposed to shallow doses during the dyeing process.

Minimizing Contact Is Key Here. You Can Do It Using The Following Steps:

  • Wearing gloves
  • Rinse soon after the minimum time
  • Apply the dye in a well-ventilated place

Alternative Methods

  • Using natural dyes like henna
  • Applying dye only to the hair strands like a highlight

Keeping these safety measures in mind, you can avoid maximum risk. It is necessary to dye in a well-ventilated room as the fumes are also harmful. Choose ammonia-free and bleach-free dyes and always do a patch test before using them. Avoid permanent dyes to the possible extent and look for semi-permanent dyes. If you could opt for natural dyes, it would be best. You may need to re-apply several times during the months of pregnancy, but they are chemical-free and safe.

I am hoping these tips on hair maintenance during pregnancy help you to find your best products that are safe. You can be using curly hair shampoos or straightening shampoos whatever they are just scanning through the label. A list of harmful chemicals to avoid during pregnancy is available on the internet, which can be handy while you check.

Also, dyeing is not as harmful as you thought, and you can try dyeing your hair following the safety measures. All you need to do is choose wisely from the pregnancy safe hair dye labeled products. Do not be fooled by labels. Investigate by yourself; after all, it is for your baby that you are taking these safety precautions.