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Beautiful plant essences from across the globe. All are GC/MS-tested to ensure purity and are either from wildcrafted, organic or unsprayed plant parts.

Lemon is our “go-to” essential oil!  Obtained from the rind of the fruit, Lemon is amazing for so many reasons.

It’s a natural degreaser with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties: it is perfect for use in cleaning products.  It supports the immune system, detoxifies and nourishes the liver.  Like many citrus oils, it helps relieve nausea, and it’s sunshine-y aroma dispels tension and depression.  Beyond all this, Lemon is great for cleaning sticky surfaces, rather than using rubbing alcohol, and recently, it was used to get gum off a leather chair.  Please see our blog post (under “Blogs”) if you want to learn more about Lemon.  It’s a must-have for any essential oil collection!