Should You Buy a Tingle Tanning Lotion?

The process of buying tanning lotions can be confusing. So many thoughts must be going in your mind—should I choose a regular accelerator or a tanning lotion with bronzer? In this article, we’re going to help you make the decision.

How Do Tingle Lotions Work?

Tingle tanners stimulate the oxygenation and blood circulation of skin cells, resulting in a rich and dark complexion due to more melanin. As the name implies, the lotion produces a tingling feeling.

This might cause the body to heat or turn red. However, the tingly sensation varies among individuals. While one individual may be able to sense the tingling sensations to a great degree, others may be unable to sense it at all.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Experience with Tanning

It’s easy to understand why tingle lotions are meant for experienced tanners and not for people with delicate skin or beginners. However, these generate strong effects and can be great for achieving a dark and deep tan. Tanners can sometimes utilize them only on difficult-to-tan regions like the legs.

Skin Sensitivity

Your skin must be your initial point of thought before buying a tingle lotion with a bronzer. Consider the level of sensitivity of your skin. Now, you do not have to think much about it if you’ve tanned previously but didn’t have any problems. However, if you possess delicate skin, you should search for a tanning lotion that is hypoallergenic and milder.

How Fast Do You Want Results?

Your tanning objective is another aspect to consider while looking for a tanning lotion with bronzer. Do you want to get tanned for a big occasion and require excellent results right away? If that’s the case, then tingle tanning lotion might be your thing. If you tan more frequently and just want a more simple and soothing product, opt for a lighter product.

Skin Type

The ultimate aim will be determined by your complexion and type of skin. First off, find out what your skin type is. As previously stated, tanning accelerators are divided into three main types: bronzers, intensifiers, and tingle lotion. A tingle lotion with bronzer can be the best of both worlds. The best tingle tanning lotion with bronzer offers extra benefits like covering up those weird uneven areas and intensifying the tan.

Three types of bronzers—immediate, Natural, and delayed—are found in most tanning accelerators. Ultimately, the product you would search for is determined by your overall tanning objective. Immediate tingle bronzers work right away, whereas delayed bronzers take many hours to build properly.

It’s recommended not to bathe right after using bronzer-containing tanning lotions because this won’t give the bronzers enough time to build. It is important to consider all these things before making your decision.

What Is the Best Bronzer for Asian Skin?

Finding a bronzer that flatters Asian skin is challenging since it is tricky to add brightness to skin tones with a yellow undertone. On Korean, Chinese, or Japanese skin tones, many colors that function on European tones might seem orange. However, if you keep a few things in mind, it won’t be too tough. The best bronzer for Asian skin tone has both the features given below.

Appropriate Undertone: Pick a color with the correct undertone – something in neutral or cool subdued brown or perhaps a trace of rosiness that matches Asian skin will be ideal. It is a crucial element to tan Asian skin.

Great Texture: Finding a bronzer with a diffuse light finishing that will blend into the gentler curves of Asian facial features is also crucial.


So, these were some of the things you should consider before buying a tingle lotion. If you’re someone with experience in tanning, then it’ll be easy to tolerate the products. However, people with sensitive skin should do more research before buying.