Holiday Ready Red and Gold Nail Designs

Merriments and Joy are the order of the day during holidays. Those intoxicating moments that you share with friends and loved ones make your memories. However, you would not want to look back down memory lane and discover something amiss with all the fun time you spent. Holidays are a great moment to wear your favorite festive nail designs. If your nails were always stuffed under nail art stickers due to a tight work schedule, a holiday season gives you a moment to go wild with your artistic capabilities. Just visit a wholesale nail supplies store and get some red and gold colors to give your nails a new vibe with these holidays ready red and gold nail designs.

Holiday Ready Red and Gold Nail Designs

Ornamental Detailing

The gold and pearl used on this ornamental detailing nail design give it an ornate mien. The deep red shade is especially remarkable under the sun on a sandy beach. The design gives your holiday outfit a perfect centerpiece.

Disco Ball: Holiday Edition

Festive disco balls and sparkly tinsel with ample cheer and holiday colors can inspire a world-class glittery manicure to rock the whole holiday season. The design can be done both at home and by professionals in your favorite parlor. A little sparkle and just three colors are all you need for this design, yet they are enough to give your nails the punch they deserve.

Red and Gold Negative Space

Unlike most of the other negative space manicures, this one is highly obsessive. The design involves black graphic, gold, and red paintings to give it the almost divine mien. With this manicure, you will have something to show off, feel on-trend, and give you all the fun that you desire in every holiday gathering.

Red Ombre with Gold Foil

Are you up for a fancy holiday nail design? It would be best if you tried out this red ombre with gold foil nail art. The pretty red color is an excellent option because the superimposed gold foils perfectly complement its traditional look.

Extra Set of Red

The extra set of red gives your nails a fun and chic extension. They are especially great for those who prefer more editorial nail designs. A gold hoop is attached to the design to make it an eye-catching and trendy option for classic holidays.

Statement Jewels Galore

If you are looking for a way to improve your nails’ glamour, you can save your red manicure by adding reflective, shiny, and shimmery accessories. Just stop by a wholesale nail supplies store to gather the supplies needed, and you will have all the freedom to play with the metallic finishes and the shades you will have acquired.

Red and Gold Plaid

Usually, red tartans look stylish, seasonal, and cozy, especially during holidays. Therefore, you can import the design to your nails. Making the design requires red, gray, and gold shades. You will also be required to paint thin lines on the nails using a small brush.

Red Negative Space with Gold Stripe

This red manicure takes advantage of negative space to give it a modern and shiny allure. It involves adding to a regular French design a twist of Cheery red tips. Additionally, you get the nostalgic holiday feeling by adding golden vertical stripes on the manicure. The design gives you the feeling of a pre-Christmas FAO Schwarz visit.

Maroon and Gold

Forget the standard Christmas nuance; this dip red manicure gives you more elegance. It screams maturity and takes on even the most exquisite holiday color pellet. It offers more glamour from the sweet and subtle gold geometric details.

Burgundy Fun

This design brings out the Christmas moods with its super elegant golden and dark red paintings. At the center of the nail, a small negative space is left; thus, you can get creative by adding accessories that seem satisfying to your Christmas moods.

Half Moon with Gold Studs

It is that time of the year again when you can take on emperors and empresses, and with the half-moon design, this time, they will be no match for you. Superimposed on a dark red polish, the half-moon design leaves enough space for the subtle golden inscriptions to stand out.

Other Holiday Ready Red and Gold Nail Designs that you can try out include the Red and Gold Statement Design, Christmas Cranberries, Flecks of Gold, Red, White and Gold Ribbon, Gold and Red Stars, Sweater Weather Nails, Merlot and Gold, Cherry and Bronze, Adorned and Ruby Red, Sparkle Tips, Seeing Stars, Gold French, Wire Nails, Mistletoe Nails, and Gold Accent Line.


Holidays are a time to get more creative. So, let go of the nail art stickers and create your artistic design. The Holiday Ready Red and Gold Nail Designs are an excellent point to start and mark my words; these designs will give you an elegance that only a few people can comprehend. Enjoy the free time with friends and family while you look glamorous with red nails with a touch of gold by choosing one of the designs above.