How to Have Glitter on Your Gel Polish Nails at Home

Having a beautiful gel manicure is a heavenly feeling. If you have glitter on your LDS gel nail polish, it makes your nails look more attractive than ever. But the question is whether you can have glitter on gel polish. Also, people can have doubts whether they need to visit the salon for a glittering job. The answer to both these questions is simple:

It is perfectly safe to have glitter on top of your gel polish nails.

You can have the glitter done at home. You do not have to go to a salon for that.

Let us now see how to get glitter on your LDS nail polish at home.

How to Apply Glitter on Your Gel Polish Nails at Home

Prep your nails and get ready for the job

As usual, the first step is prepping the nails for the manicure. The prepping part is the most crucial of any manicure. Hence, it does not matter if you spend more than 50% of the total time prepping your nails. The better you prep them, the better is the manicure, and the longer it lasts.

Start your prepping by cutting and filing the nails into shape. It is the right time to cut your nails because it will not be possible after you finish the manicure. Next, use a nail file to smoothen the edges. If they remain sharp, they could damage the manicure because of the chipping or lifting of the polish layer.

Attend to your cuticles by pushing them gently back into their sockets. Getting nail polish on the cuticles is an absolute recipe for disaster as the polish layer will certainly lift after a while and damage the manicure. Instead, buff your nail surface and rough it up to allow the basecoat to stick to the nails.

The basecoat application

Once the nails are prepped properly, you can proceed with the LDS gel nail polish job. Apply the basecoat in thin strokes using a clean nail brush. Cure each layer under the UV lamp before proceeding to the subsequent one. Generally, one layer of basecoat should suffice. However, if you wish to have an additional coat, you can do so. But, you should remember to cure the initial layer to get the best results. The curing should be for a minimum of 60 seconds to ensure that the basecoat dries properly.

The gel coat layer

Once the base coat is cured, you can proceed with the gel color application. The best way is to apply the gel polish from the nail base towards the edges in a straight line. Besides, it is necessary to cure each layer before proceeding further.

The glitter application

If your nail is tacky, you can immediately proceed with the glitter application. However, if it appears a bit dry, you should apply the basecoat again. Take a fluffy brush and dab it in the glitter bottle. Pat your nails with the brush until it gets covered with a generous layer of glitter. The best aspect of glitter is having different colors to suit your preferences.

Wait for a while and allow the glitter to stick to the LDS nail polish. Then, use a fluffy brush and remove any excess glitter loosely present on the nail. It ensures that you have an even coat and the nail does not look thickly painted.

The topcoat application

Apply the topcoat one layer at a time on top of the glitter. Take care to cure each layer under the UV lamp for 60 seconds. If you like a matte finish, you can stop after a couple of layers of topcoat. Otherwise, you can have more than three or four to get the glossy shine. When you have glitter on your nails, it is always better to go for a glossy finish. It adds to the glitter and ensures a high-quality manicure.

Buff the nail to remove excess glitter

The glitter could form bumps on your nail surface at times. You can run your fingers over the nails to know if there are bumps. Use a nail buff to remove the bumps and have a uniform coat gently. However, this procedure could leave a layer of dust on the surface. Remove the dust and apply another layer of topcoat. Cure the layer for around 60 seconds.

Wait for around 30 seconds and let the LDS gel nail polish settle down. Finally, you can apply a layer of cuticle oil to the nail to add to the shine. It also helps to keep your nail hydrated.

Final Thoughts

As you see, applying glitter is not challenging at all. It is as simple as applying your regular LDS gel nail polish. Experiment with your favorite colors and get the best-quality gel nail polish with glitter in town. Then, you can have these nails as your profile picture on your Instagram handles.