Match Your OPI Nail Polish with Your Skin Tone

Nail polish is a cosmetic enhancement that makes your nails and hands look more beautiful than they are. Every woman would love to have the most attractive OPI colors on her nails to make a lasting impression. However, various factors decide whether the nail polish you wear suits you or not. Your attire is critical, and so is the occasion. Besides, your skin tone matters a lot because matching your nail polish colors with your skin tone is the most vital part of any beauty enhancement procedure. This blog discusses how to match the nail polish color with your skin tone to the minutest detail.

Skin tones are different from one individual to another. Just because a specific nail polish suited Mary, it does not mean that it will suit Jane, as well. Her skin tone could be different, and hence the same color might look extremely odd on her. Here are some skin tones and the best OPI nail polish colors that suit them to a T.

The Light or Extremely Fair Skin Tone

If you have an extremely fair skin tone, it is better to avoid dark or bold colors. Though they look contrasting on your nails, it is better to go for the pastels or the nudes to get the perfect shade. Some OPI colors that suit such a skin tone are the light pinks, blues, and pastel colors.

Moderately Fair Skin Tone

The majority of women globally feature a moderately fair skin tone. The best part of this skin tone is that every color suits it perfectly, including the dark hues. However, such people should avoid the darker shades of red, orange, and yellow because it can overpower the fairness quotient. If you are preparing for a formal gathering, you should avoid the green and the orange shades, too. Otherwise, this skin tone is the most favored of all.

The Medium Skin Tone

A majority of Asian women, especially the South Asian community, come with medium skin tones. Such women should remain away from odd colors like dark purple, deep reds, and dark navy blues. The gold and peach tones are perfect for women with a medium skin tone. Yellow undertones look excellent and enhance the overall natural beauty of the medium skin tone. OPI nail polish offers an excellent range of colors to suit this skin tone category.

The Tanned Skin Tone

The tanned skin tone has become more fashionable today, with more women preferring to go for natural tanning. Such women prefer bright shades to enhance their complexion and make them look appealing. Therefore, it is better if they avoid neutral or pastel colors. The best OPI polish colors to suit tanned skin are the pinks, blues, and purple shades. In addition, yellow undertones look great on such skin tones.

The Dark Skin Tone

The dark skin is the most beautiful, with almost all colors suiting such skin tones. However, such women should avoid brighter shades like silver, orange, pink, and whites. Though it suits the skin tone, it makes the skin appear darker than it is. On the contrary, you can choose shades like dark green, maroons, dark reds, and mocha colors.

How to Select the Perfect Color Shade for Your Skin Tone?

Skin tones are unique for every person. Hence, they should be careful when selecting the right combination for their nails. On the other hand, choosing the wrong combo can make your nails look ugly and affect your psyche. Therefore, choosing colors that go with your skin tone is better.

Decide which skin tone do you have. If you belong to the fair to the extremely fair skin types category, you should go with the nudes. They serve as the perfect combination without looking contrasting in any way. The lighter hues enhance your skin tone and make it look more beautiful.

Your attire is also critical when choosing the right shades to go with your skin. Generally, you would love your attire to contrast with the skin tone. Under such circumstances, the nail polish colors should match the outfit.

While a contrasting tone is always desirable, the nail polish color is better to synchronize with your skin tone and look like a natural extension. It brings out the inherent beauty of your skin and takes it to a different level altogether.

Where Can You Get the Right Shades for the Skin Tone?

OPI nail polish is one of the best brands of nail polish colors that offers an extensive range of shades and hues to suit your skin tones. You can visit our website, look for OPI colors, and try them out online before finalizing the purchase. The best aspect is these color shades are available at the most affordable rates. You can choose the perfect hues and have a great time exhibiting them on your social media handles.