Useful Tips to Note about Lavis Dip System (LDS)

LDS, also known as Lavis Dip System, is known for its top-shelf quality manicure products like dip powder. LDS makes dip powder and manicure products like nail polishes.

You can apply LDS dipping powder on the nails with nail glue, and the results are long-lasting on the pin. This powder comes in different colors, just like gel color.

LDS is an alternative for people who dislike the acrylic scents of nail polish, and the powder does not need UV light to cure, unlike gels. Many people fear the damages of UV light, which is one of LDS dipping powder’s advantages.

LDS started the production of nail dip powders after they discovered the innovations. Their experience in the nail care industry made them believe that dip powders are an excellent alternative. They have a passion for improving the quality of products for their customers.

The company knew how much nail beautification means to women, and they studied the plight of women; they realize that women want to beautify their nails without the fear of aftermath harms to their health. This study pushed them to make the first LDS solution. They announced the solution, which is LDS dip powder, one of the best brands of dip powder like other nail polish brands. LDS dip powder is completely different from regular manicure products. It is made of powder instead of gel polish.

After applying the bonding liquid, you need to dip your nails in the powder and repeat the process till you have your nice desired nail look.

Are LDS Dip Powders Better than Gels and Polishes?

Many celebrities and their nail artists vote LDS as their preferred choice for nail manicures. They prefer LDS dipping powders to gels and polishes because of the numerous Pros of dip powders. Read on to understand more of these reasons:

The most significant advantage of dip powders is that it does not need Ultraviolet rays. Exposure to UV rays can make the calls malfunction, and this is the main selling point of dipping powders.

LDS dip powder color give more vibrant color options than gel and lacquers, making it a perfect choice for women who want to try out new nail designs. And dip powders support nail arts or stickers to make it more beautiful.

Another reason why many people choose dipping powders is the absence of lousy odors in dip powders, and some other people choose dip powders because they have skin allergies to gels. LDS nails work well whether you use them at home or the salon.

Many customers praise the product for its remarkable durability when compared to gels. It lasts up to 3 weeks after application.

Also, dip powders support self manicure more than gels. To do self-manicure, you need to be an expert, but you need to follow the instructions rightly with dip powders. It allows consumers to apply without making mess or cleaning swabs.

The powder manicure products, compared to gels, require a shorter period to apply. And you can decide to do it at home if you are sure to follow the directions correctly. And there are hundreds of instruction materials on doing a manicure with dip powders in videos and writings correctly.

LDS nails are more natural and organic than acrylic and gel nails because they are made from natural and non-toxic materials.

Powder manicure products also offer a more comprehensive range of color options than gels and lacquers, and the color choices even win the heart of many customers. It allows customers to do their nails without being stuck on any color.

How Much Do LDS Nails Cost?

LDS nails more than the regular gels and polishes because it is still an innovation. But I would not categorize the price as a Cons because it is worth the price.

Aside from the cost of buying, LDS dip powder requires more money to maintain the look than gels and polishes.

Is LDS Bad For The Nails? 

Since LDS started, it is not in recording that it has harmful effects after application. LDS dip powder supplies vitamins and minerals to the nail to improve nail health. Consumers need to be careful when using dip powders because they could have harmful effects when misapplied.

Removing LDS Nails

Removing powder manicure products is easy and more straightforward than gels. Putting cotton balls in polish remover securing them with foils would clean the polish.

You can also dip your fingers in liquid and soak for up to ten minutes before removing the excesses and drying the fingers.


LDS is famous for its dipping powder. The advantages of LDS dip powders outweigh the disadvantages. And it has a straightforward process that allows you to do your manicure at home without necessarily visiting the salon.