The 8 Best Spooky Nail Ideas 2020

Now that we are still in the middle of a pandemic it does not mean that you should not enjoy your best moments. People are getting masked up, and that is good for Halloween but you still can add a little more vibe to your design by considering different spooky Halloween designs. You can use different sorts of nail polishes to create unique halloween nail designs gels, acrylics, or even dip polishes will do. So if you have your Kiara Sky, SNS, or DND nail polish colors, you should be prepared to spook your friends with the fanciest designs of the year. However, you still need to have the right ingredients for the task. Moreover, it does not imply that the most expensive polishes will give you the spookiest designs. You can still get some wholesale DND nail polish, SNS, gels, or acrylics that will serve you in the best way possible. Today, we will explore some of the best halloween nail designs to take away the boredom of the lockdown.

Best Spooky Nail Ideas

Boo Nails

Talking of spooky? Well, this design will freak you out. It has features like the ghost steaking its tongue out and the heart-eyed pumpkin as well as other details that make it exceptional. Perhaps you should try it out and see how it works for you.

Nightmare before Christmas

Inspired by the Nightmare before Christmas movie theme, this design is unlike anything you have ever seen. However, creating the design needs a lot of patience. A long and thin hairbrush is used in the process. The nails’ depth is made more interesting through the use of distinct fun chrome colors. Adding some little glitter can also make the nails fancier. In case a thin nail brush is not available, a brush like the pointed eyeliner can be used instead.

Green and Purple Oogie Boogie Nails

This is a scary-cool design that you should not miss on any halloween. Inspired by the Oogie Boogie Man, it presents one of the spookiest designs that still keeps the spirit of the boogie villain going. It has a great combination of green and purple polishes that looks great especially on the lovers of neon.

Ouija Board Nails

Do you wonder how it would be like as you wander around with an Ouija board wearing an Ouija board manicure? Well, they do not have to hear you chanting the incantations but you will be the spookiest element of Halloween. Inspired by the séance game, the cream-colored base coat is superimposed with black symbols. Furthermore, there are matte gold glitters to add to the taste.

Candy Corn and Spiderweb Nails

Unlike most of the other designs, this one does not require exceptional skills to create. It is super simple and only a few colors are required. It involves creating depth on the nails by superimposing black nails with a matte topcoat. The candy corn nails also have blended lines that are created using a makeup sponge.

Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkins

The creepy allure of pumpkins is well illustrated in this design. It has distinct pumpkin faces to bring about the creepiest effect. The Glow Pigment is not only fun but also easy to use. All you need is to use gel polish to paint something and sprinkle a glow-in-the-dark polish on top. This way, you will have halloween your way and your buddies will like it.

One Bite Nails

The One Bite design is inspired by Disney. Well, people imagine that Disney inspired content is not as spooky as you may imagine but this design is exceptional. It represents Snow White’s evil queen to make your halloween as spooky and wicked as you would want to imagine. Also, do not forget the poison apple detail.

Red, White, Black, and Scary AF

Red, White, Black, and Scary AF

Are you a fan of horror movies? Well, we have something to carry with you in real life. This intricate manicure is incredible in bringing the horrors of the past to life but in a good way. However, it needs to be prepared in advance by first sketching the design of your desire on the iPad or a paper. The look will then be recreated using black, white, and solid red polishes. The details will need to be added using a dotting tool. Furthermore, a tiny thin brush is necessary to perfect the design.

Other spooky nail design ideas include Duo-Chrome Bats and Birds, Glowing-in-the-Dark Ghost Nails, creepy creatures, Breathing Fire and Freaky Eye Nail Art, Red Rum Nails, Orange, and Black Halloween Nails, Zombie-Esque Nails, Happy Ghost Nails, and Blood Vampire Nails among others.


If “creepy” does not make your heart stop, well, you can paint your most spooky moments on the nails. However, if you are out of ideas, we still can help with that. This article presents some of the spookiest nail ideas that you can try out. Just make sure that you have the right components to make sure that you get the best out of your time and money.