Product Introductions

Upset Tummy Blend

I decided to make the “Upset Tummy Blend” this past fall after a nasty stomach bug went through our house. It was really tough to watch my little ones get sick, especially when I didn’t feel well either.

The blend of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum ct linalool), Ginger (Zingiber officinale), and Lemon (Citrus limon) helps reduce the urge to throw up and slows the incidence of vomiting. This blend has a wonderful combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic constituents, in particular: Linalool and Geraniol, which help to calm the smooth muscle of the belly. Ginger relaxes tight muscles and warms damp, internal issues so is perfect for use with digestive problems. Lemon is astringent, also perfect for situations where excess moisture is present, and is known to relieve the discomfort of nausea. Many constituents found in these three essential oils are also supportive to the immune system.

This blend has an earthy, yet warm and uplifting aroma. It is blended at a dilution safe for children over the age of 5 years, but can also be used by adults experiencing nausea. I suggest a few drops (3-5) rubbed on the belly in a clockwise direction from the sternum (this is the direction the digestive tract takes) when symptoms of nausea or vomiting appear. Apply a warm wash cloth or heating pad over the belly once you’ve applied the oils to help with relaxation.

My sincere hope is that you nor your child(ren) will not need to use the “Upset Tummy Blend”, but it’s here if you do!

Welcome in Spring (Cleaning)!

I think it’s safe to say that Spring is just about here.  I even opened the windows yesterday to let the warm breeze in, new and refreshing!  On days like this, many of us get the urge to clean…to purge the heaviness of winter in anticipation of the good weather ahead.  Why not use this new season as an opportunity to try a new way of cleaning?  A way of cleaning  that is natural, good for your health, and smells fantastic?

More and more, research is showing that the chemical cleaners we’ve come to know and love are really terrible for our health, over time leading to everything from asthma, infertility, and even cancer.  It makes sense to use cleaning products made with simple ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils…especially so if you have children.  One of the great things about the Sweet & Woodsy line of cleaning products is the peace of mind they provide…no chemicals or harsh odors and no worry about what they expose you, your children, or your pets to.  You can also be sure of their cleaning power.

Lemon essential oil is a wonderful degreaser, supports the immune system, and brings the sunshine inside!  I have used it to pick up spaghetti sauce off of white carpeting!  Afterward, you couldn’t even tell it had been there!  I make both the Multi-Purpose Spray and the Window & Glass Cleaner with it.  The acetic acid found in white vinegar gives natural cleaning products disinfectant and bacteria-inhibiting strength.  And the Tea Tree Abrasive Scrub is a total treat to use!  Baking soda is a strong deodorizer and a great natural ingredient when combined with anti-microbial essential oils.  To be honest, I really don’t like to clean, but I do find it a lot more enjoyable with wonderful, all-natural products.  Happy Spring!  Happy cleaning!

Lavender Baby Bottom Balm

This cold winter, combined with dry indoor air, has been hard on skin.  The Lavender Baby Bottom Balm is the perfect choice for keeping dry skin hydrated and protected.  While it was designed for baby bottoms, it does work well on adults too!  I’ve been using it regularly on my daughters’ arms and legs, especially behind the knees, and on their cheeks if they get chapped.  It helps protect their sensitive tushies from diaper rashes.  I also use it on my hands and any areas of my body that are dry and love it!

Our Lavender Baby Bottom Balm contains:

  • organic Jojoba oil-this is actually a wax that is similar to the oil naturally produced by our bodies.  It’s moisturizing and is easily absorbed by our skin; the balm goes on smoothly and isn’t greasy.
  • organic Calendula-infused olive oil (made by Mindy)-traditionally, Calendula was used by physicians for its anti-bacterial properties to treat skin infections.  Also called ‘pot Marigold’, this yellow flower is known for it’s ability to heal and soothe the skin.
  • Beeswax and Shea butter-(both organic) combine to soften and coat the skin as well as to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal protection.
  • Lavender essential oil (from unsprayed plant material)-is added at a safe dilution for use on even the newest babies!  Lavender regenerates skin cells helping to clear acne, skin infections, and to heal scars.   I have witnessed first hand (no pun intended) it’s power to calm a burned finger almost instantaneously and it is invaluable for any issue pertaining to the skin.

The Lavender Baby Bottom Balm makes a wonderful gift for a new Mom-one she can also use to combat dry hands from frequent hand washing.  Two great things about using natural products are: they can be used with peace of mind, and they work!

*This product is okay to use with cloth diapers.*



Simple Wood Polish

We live in a very old house; from the information I can gather, it has been here since at least 1836.  There’s wood everywhere you look, some of it stripped of paint in recent years and definitely in need of a little TLC.  I decided to make a *very easy* recipe for wood polish: 2-3 tablespoons of Sunflower (Helianthus annus) oil to which I added about 10 drops organic Lemon (Citrus limon) essential oil.  This combination of oils moisturizes and conditions the wood, cleaning it at the same time.  (You don’t have to use Sunflower oil, you can use whatever fatty oil you have on hand).

I decided to try it out on our old, wooden kitchen table, which was in serious need of care after all the spills of my two toddlers.  After wiping the table down and then drying it, I began by dipping a soft, clean cloth into the oil, smoothing it over the table surface in even strokes.  I let it sit for several hours to absorb, then wiped up any excess with a clean cloth to avoid attracting dust.

The immediate results were amazing; I could almost hear the table say, “Ahhhhh!”   My family and I definitely gave a sigh of relief when we smelled the light, sunny aroma of our all-natural and healthy wood polish.

Aromatherapy & Fiestaware

In a few days we will celebrate the life of our friend, Karen, who passed away in March from

The gift of Fiestaware from Karen to our girls.

The gift of Fiestaware from Karen to our girls.

melanoma. Her fight was brief…a mere 7 weeks or so…and her passing has a left a gaping hole in the lives of those who knew and loved her. Karen was one of the kindest people I have ever known, with a smart wit, a soft voice, and a compassionate heart. She and her husband were originally friends of my husband’s during his previous marriage, but I felt I knew her long before I’d actually met her. As collectors of Fiestaware, we had something in common right off the bat, although of the two of us, she was the consummate collector. The first time we met I told her, “Wait til you see my collection,” to which she said, “No, wait til you see MY collection!” When I finally did see what she had, it was true, she had tons of it! And, we had something else in common: aromatherapy and natural cleaning.
About the time I started my aromatherapy education, Karen also got into using natural cleaners. She offered to help me fulfill one of the three consultations I had to complete in order to become certified. I met with her and we designed a stress-relieving spray with the essential oils she chose: Lavender, Lemon and Sandalwood. What a beautiful combination of floral and citrus aromas, and the warming, low-note of Sandalwood! She loved it then and reported that when she used it, she did feel less tense. When she told me of her terminal diagnosis this past January, I made the spray for her, along with a massage oil with the same blend. It was the only thing I could think of to do for her that might help in even the smallest way. Her sister told me how, when Karen was in hospice, she misted her with the spray and could visibly see her relax. It makes me feel better to know that at such a time, the blend we made together could bring her some peace.
The picture above is the gift Karen and her husband gave to our daughters the first time they came to see them after their births. The Fiestaware cups, from her collection, are known by their colors, which I can’t remember now…like Apricot for Ava and something with a “B” for Beatrice. I really wish I could ask her.

Back to School with Aromatherapy

With the school year starting, lots of parents are filling lists of supplies for their children’s classrooms.  Whether your child is starting kindergarten, college or any grade in between, aromatherapy is a great way to support their health, to ease test day anxieties, and to help them learn.

To begin with, there are two easy options for taking to school.  A simple hand sanitizer of 2 oz. aloe vera gel and 10 drops Lemon essential oil can remove germs, support the immune system, and enhance mood.  An inhaler (similar to the Vicks inhalers found in drugstores) of essential oils like Lemon, Orange, Lavender, and Eucalyptus, used throughout the day, is a portable way to ward off colds and other illnesses going around.  For kids bound for college, a First Aid kit of natural products is definitely in order.  Filled with essential oil blends for issues such as headaches, cuts and scrapes, sleep support, anxiety relief, and colds and flu, you can be sure they’re well cared for when you can’t be there.  (See the notes section of Sweet & Woodsy Aromatherapy’s Facebook page for a natural immune system boosting recipe!).  Sending them off with aromatherapy-based cleaning products for the dorm room is another great way to help ensure good health while away at school.

For children with anxiety over attending school for the first time or an upcoming test, the quickest method for relief is through inhalation.  For a young child, a few drops of essential oils such as Lavender, Roman Chamomile, or Bergamot (on a cotton ball carried in a Ziplock bag) can help soothe any fears.  For older children, an inhaler with these oils is a smart option because it easily fits in a pocket.  Diffusing these same oils at home can also help reinforce a feeling of calm when the blend is used at school.

Aromatherapy is a helpful tool to use while studying.  As the connection between new ideas and scent is developed during learning, that same scent can trigger the memory when it comes time to take the test.  Diffuse Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, and Rosemary essential oils (or a blend of them) while your child studies to help with concentration, to stimulate the mind, and digest new ideas.  On test day, a few inhales of the same blend will help your child recall the information they previously studied.  (These essential oils are best used with kids over 5 years of age). 

Aromatherapy is an easy, natural, and effective way to support your child’s school experience at any age and throughout the year.

Every Day is Mother’s Day

Mother Holding Two Babies

This Mother’s Day is my third, if you count the Mother’s Day when I was 6 months pregnant.  My husband and I went to a local plant nursery to buy two Hydrangea bushes, one for each of the baby girls we were expecting.  I was still in amazement that I would actually have the opportunity to be a Mom as I had struggled to get pregnant for close to 2 1/2 years and spent many sleepless nights worrying about how I would deal with it if I couldn’t have children.  We’d also considered adoption, but I did want to know what it would be like to carry a baby.  I was blessed to have two at once; I am blessed to have any children at all.

It’s definitely not easy raising two babies at the same time, but we developed a rhythm, an understanding…as I’d hoped we would…which made life with two a bit easier.  I do look forward to sleep SOME DAY, but am grateful that the reason I’m losing sleep now is because of my children and not due to worry.  I am grateful for every hug, kiss, smile, tear, laugh, new word, and, occasionally, even the temper tantrums: all of these interactions prove to me that I am, indeed, a Mother; the best and most difficult job of my life.  I love every minute of it as I love my two sweet little peanuts more than I can say.

Community Happenings

Glad to be part of the Farmers’ Market

This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to be a vendor at one of our local farmers’ markets. I’ve always enjoyed being a customer at this particular market, so wasn’t sure I’d enjoy being on the other side of the booth. I worried about things like whether I’d be able to get up at 4am, setting up my 10’x10’ tent by myself, and the most worrying of all: what if I just plain didn’t like it? Luckily, I loved it from the start, and my “neighbors” are some of the nicest people I could hope to spend 5 hours with each week. I learned quickly that we all help each other set up those unwieldy tents and we look out for each other’s stands in order to do a little shopping of our own before it gets busy. I also learned that, for many of the vendors, attending farmers’ markets is a labor of love. Dina, who sells some of the most beautiful garlic I’ve ever seen along with other summer produce, began coming to this market in order to help her father man their booth. Now that he is in ill-health, she wakes up unbelievably early to harvest the day’s goods and gives long-time customers an update on her Dad’s health. The enthusiasm with which she talks about a head of garlic is infectious and her respect for it is obvious. Marion, to the left of me, is 90 years old (!) and has been a farmers’ market vendor for at least 20 years. She and her late husband sold her handmade kitchen towels and flowers and plants from their yard; every Saturday, she continues to load up her car with freshly picked flowers and decorative items. The time she spends at the market each week is also for socializing with old friends, enjoying the community she’s been a part of for so long. Most of the vendors who make up this market are from small, multi-generational farms, lending an even greater sense of community. The idea of buying local becomes very important and real when I see how much time and care goes into growing produce for sale to the public, not to mention trying to make a living doing it.
Bringing Sweet & Woodsy products to the market has been a fun and eye-opening experience for me…getting to know customers personally and educating them about aromatherapy is quite satisfying. The personal interaction the market forges between vendor and customer is the perfect venue for a small, local enterprise such as Sweet & Woodsy. Shopping at farmers’ markets supports local businesses, farms, and families, helping strengthen the community, especially in these tough economic times. Shopping at farmers’ markets provides access to fresh, regionally-grown produce, important for both our physical health and our community’s health. I have really enjoyed not only getting Sweet & Woodsy’s name out to the public, but getting to know my fellow vendors, customers, and becoming a part of the fabric of the farmers’ market experience. I encourage you to seek out your local public market and produce stands to support not just your family’s well-being, but the well-being of other families and of your community.

Essential Oil Profiles

Tea Tree Essential Oil Part 1

Recently, I attended the first part of a webinar about Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia).  It was presented by Robert Tisserand who I like to refer to as the “modern father of aromatherapy.”  According to his website, he is “recognized as a…world expert” in the field; his career includes massage therapy, writing, teaching, and product development.  But, it is his “track[ing] of all the published research relevant to essential oils…” that I appreciate most about any information I get from Robert.  I know that what I learn will be based on scientific data without hype or bias, and with occasional humor!  I feel empowered by the current information I learn from him that, in turn, helps me improve my services to others.

Following are a few points (of several discussed so far) about Tea Tree essential oil (eo) that, I think, are interesting:

1. Tea Tree is native to Australia and is cultivated there along the eastern coast line of New South Wales.  Approximately 500 tons of Tea Tree eo is produced here through steam distillation.  It is also cultivated in China, but this eo has a different chemical composition from the Australian.

2.  Tea Tree eo is prone to oxidation.  The oxidized essential oil is more likely to cause any allergic reaction; the percentage of people who are allergic to Tea Tree is less than zero.

3.  Tea Tree eo is particularly effective against methacillin-resistant Staphyloccocus aureus (MRSA) and Candida albicans.  The combination of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Tea Tree eos work synergistically against MRSA as well.

4.  The antibiotic, Erythromycin, is needed at 256x the minimum concentration of Tea Tree essential oil to be effective against MRSA.

5.  Tea Tree eo and the antibiotic, Tobramycin, when used together against MRSA, worked 3x better than Tea Tree eo alone.

I know: pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Tea Tree Essential Oil Part II

I had the opportunity to listen to the rest of Robert Tisserand’s series on Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), and I can’t express how much new found amazement I have for this essential oil!  This week’s webinar focused on the use of Tea Tree eo to treat issues of oral and skin health, wounds, respiratory infections, and how to deal with difficult-to-treat microscopic pests like mites and lice.  The examples of wound-healing were quite impressive!  An Australian surgeon named Eugene Sherry has developed a blend of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Lemon, Clove, and Thyme essential oils that work synergistically to kill bacteria.  He used this blend on a patient where infection had set in and traditional antibiotics were not working in order to get it under control.  I think it is really exciting to see essential oils being used in this environment with such success.  Below are some further points I found important.

1.  Tea Tree eo is effective against all 4 of the bacteria that cause Athlete’s Foot.

2.  Doctors are also using Tea Tree eo to successfully treat respiratory illnesses such as tuberculosis and acute bronchitis.

3.  Tea Tree eo is very useful in oral hygiene; it is effective at relieving bad breath and killing Candida in the mouth.

4.  A blend of Tea Tree and Lavender eos was more effective at killing head lice than the chemical alternative, Pyrethrin, which the lice have become resistant to.

5.  Exposing dust mites to Tea Tree eo (or even better a combination of Tea Tree, Lemon and Lavender eos) has been shown to kill them.  Using this eo blend in cleaning products is a consistent means of reducing their presence in your home every time you clean.

If you’d like to learn more, visit

Speaking of Rose…

This is an article I originally wrote for the website

Intoxicating beauty.

We have a beautiful Rose bush growing outside our family room window. I’ve been watching as first, the buds appeared and then, those beautiful, full flowers bloomed, taking in the sight of each perfect layer of petals and enjoying them every time I walk past. As an aromatherapist and an amateur nature photographer, I am drawn to the Rose like a bee and cannot get enough of it! I find it’s aroma to be like a big hug -soothing and warm- and it’s appearance so pleasing to the eye that I could photograph it all day and never get bored. As the Rose’s place in cultural history attests, I am not alone in my adoration of what Greek poet Sappho called “the Queen of Flowers.” Although it is difficult to grow and vulnerable to pests, 150 million rose plants are purchased each year worldwide. Roughly 85% of Americans say the Rose is their favorite flower.
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for their benefits to physical and emotional health. Many, but not all, plants contain essential oils that invite pollinating insects and protect them from pests and disease. We humans also benefit from essential oils’ ability to promote well-being and to fight a wide range of bacterial and fungal species. In Aromatherapy, we use Rose Absolute (a solvent-extraction of the oil) or Rose otto (a steam distillation of the flower’s petals). In either case, it takes pounds of plant material to obtain even the smallest amount of oil: 25-30 roses for one single drop! Due to the amount of work that goes into producing it and the low oil content in the blooms, Rose essential oil commands a high price. It is also highly concentrated: a little oil will go a long way. When I use it in my aromatherapy products, too much of the beautiful scent can quickly become overpowering, and I have found it best to use Rose essential oil in small quantities. It’s high Monoterpenol content makes it, among other things, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and an immune system stimulant. Emotionally, Rose is balancing, it eases feelings of depression or profound sadness, is soothing to the heart, and encourages feelings of love…something it is most commonly associated with.
Rose is a wonderful essential oil for use in skin care products, especially for mature skin, due to its cooling and healing properties. Two to three drops of Rose’s rich, floral aroma in one ounce of an all-natural, unscented lotion make a pampering face or hand lotion. A more affordable option is Rose hydrosol, also known as flower water. This is the water that is collected after distilling Rose otto and it has all of the therapeutic properties of Rose without the high cost. The hydrosol makes a luxurious facial toner to be used after cleansing, to calm the hot flashes of menopause, or any time your skin or mood needs a boost. Add one ounce Rose hydrosol and half an ounce of aloe vera gel to a 2 ounce spray bottle. Fill the bottle with filtered water and shake to combine, making sure to close your eyes while using. Both your skin and your spirit will feel nourished! Nature has given us such a gift in both the beauty of the rose as well as the exquisite essential oil contained within!
I recommend buying essential oils that are distilled from organic or pesticide-free plant material from a supplier that tests their oils and has some training in Aromatherapy. It’s a good idea to seek the expertise of a certified aromatherapist with any questions you may have. If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me through my website or Facebook page.


Essential Oil Profile: Lemon

Lemon is one of my favorite “go to” essential oils.  It is a major player in my cleaning products as well as a support to my family’s overall health.  It’s bright, clean aroma is a welcome addition to any product.

Lemon’s Latin name is Citrus limon and it belongs to the plant family Rutaceae.  Other members of this plant family include oranges, limes, and grapefruits.  It is believed that the first lemons were grown in China and India where one of its uses was as an antidote to poison!  Lemons were brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and, in the 18thcentury, their Vitamin C content was found to help combat scurvy among sailors.  The essential oil of the Lemon (and other citrus fruits) is obtained by cold-pressing the rind.  As the essential oils do come from the rind, it’s important to purchase those oils derived from only organic or unsprayed fruit to ensure no pesticides are present.

Lemon essential oil is high in two chemical components: d-limonene and beta-pinene.  Limonene has been shown to possess both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, is an expectorant, supports the health of the liver, and has the ability to stop the initiation, and slow the growth of, tumors.  Beta-pinene is calming to the respiratory system and supports the immune system when inflammation is present.  Additionally, Lemon is effective at relieving nausea, is anti-fungal, an air purifier, and by increasing circulation, can relieve muscle pain.  For household cleaning, it can be used as a wood cleaner and polish; I apply 3-5 drops to a dry paper or cloth towel for dusting all surfaces.  Lemon oil is also a fabulous degreaser.  I love to tell the story of how, while our house was for sale, I spilled red spaghetti sauce on white carpet.  Instinctively, I grabbed my bottle of Lemon oil, applied it liberally to the stain and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  All of the sauce came up easily and, afterward, there was no sign anything had been there.  Amazing!

On an energetic level, Lemon is uplifting and sunny, reducing tension or depression, and promoting an open energy.  It can be added to any essential oil blend you are making that is too heavy with another aroma in order to balance it.  A citrus essential oil usually has a shelf life of about 1 to 2 years, if kept in a cool, dark place like a refrigerator.  After this period, it can be used in cleaning products, but should not be used on skin as it can cause a rash or other skin irritation.  Always remember to avoid the sun for about 12 hours after applying Lemon essential oil to your skin due to the risk of photosensitization.

As you can see, Lemon has many uses and is an important staple of any essential oil collection!

References:  Aromahead Institute, School of Essential Oil Studies ACP Manual


If you are interested in any of the services offered below and live in the upstate New York area, please contact Mindy at [email protected] for details.

Educational Workshops & Group Presentations: on any topic related to Aromatherapy, but specializing in-

  • general essential oils use
  • safe essential oils use during pregnancy and with babies & children
  • cleaning with essential oils

“Make the Switch” Home Visit: Mindy will help you switch out commercial products in your home for more natural ones. A “home visit” lasts 1 hour and includes the entire house. At the end of the visit, the collection of Sweet & Woodsy Aromatherapy Cleaning Products can be purchased at a 10% discount. The “Make the Switch” visit is $65.00.

In Home Essential Oil Parties: invite your friends for a fun and informative afternoon or evening learning about Aromatherapy. Choose from any of the topics above or suggest one that interests you. Product prices for in-home parties are based on size (ie: 1oz is $5; 2oz is $10).

Custom Blending: products created for individual use or retail sale. Individual custom blends are $15 plus the cost of materials; Mindy will provide an estimate before the blend is made. Wholesale prices are available for retail products; please contact Mindy for details.


Products ranging from to incense to diffusers to photo cards and more.

The Bath Ball Chlorine Filter is a compact and easy way to get chlorine-free bath water.  The patented PowerDisk filter eliminates chlorine, sediment, and odors which can cause dry skin & hair and irritate eyes & lungs, leaving you and your family healthier and your tub cleaner.  Bath Ball Filter fits easily over tub spout, lasts for approximately 1 year, and is refillable.

I’ve tried several types of diffusers and this is by far my favorite. This compact, lightweight, and quiet fan diffuser does a fantastic job of filling the air with scent. Just apply 5-15 drops of essential oil or blend to the cotton pad, insert into the diffuser, turn on and enjoy!

Essential Oils & Blends Search for products

Beautiful plant essences from across the globe. All are GC/MS-tested to ensure purity and are either from wildcrafted, organic or unsprayed plant parts.

Lemon (Citrus limon) Essential Oil

Lemon (Citrus limon) Essential Oil

Lemon is our “go-to” essential oil!  Obtained from the rind of the fruit, Lemon is amazing for so many reasons.

It’s a natural degreaser with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties: it is perfect for use in cleaning products.  It supports the immune system, detoxifies and nourishes the liver.  Like many citrus oils, it helps relieve nausea, and it’s sunshine-y aroma dispels tension and depression.  Beyond all this, Lemon is great for cleaning sticky surfaces, rather than using rubbing alcohol, and recently, it was used to get gum off a leather chair.  Please see our blog post (under “Blogs”) if you want to learn more about Lemon.  It’s a must-have for any essential oil collection!

Mommas & Babies

All natural personal care products for even the newest babies and moms (and moms-to-be) that soothe and nurture.

Kids’ Bug Balm

Kids’ Bug Balm

This natural balm goes on easily over wrists, behind knees and along little necks to keep bugs away.  Blended for children 2 years of age and older, it has none of the harsh chemicals of commercial insect products.  Re-apply as needed.  It works great in conjunction with our Kids’ Bug Spray!

Kids’ Bug Spray & Balm Combo

Kids’ Bug Spray & Balm Combo

Get both of our natural and effective insect products for kids!  The spray and balm work together to keep bugs away.  Re-apply as needed on children over the age of 2 years.

Personal Care

A variety of essential oil-based products for personal use that also support physical and emotional health.

Bug Chaser Spray & Balm Combo

Bug Chaser Spray & Balm Combo

Total, natural protection from insects comes in this duo of bug chasing products!  Use the balm on vulnerable spots like wrists and ankles, and the spray on clothing and large, exposed areas.  Re-apply as needed.  Bug spray has never been so good for you!  For adult use only.

Kids’ Bug Balm

Kids’ Bug Balm

This natural balm goes on easily over wrists, behind knees and along little necks to keep bugs away.  Blended for children 2 years of age and older, it has none of the harsh chemicals of commercial insect products.  Re-apply as needed.  It works great in conjunction with our Kids’ Bug Spray!

Kids’ Bug Spray & Balm Combo

Kids’ Bug Spray & Balm Combo

Get both of our natural and effective insect products for kids!  The spray and balm work together to keep bugs away.  Re-apply as needed on children over the age of 2 years.

Aromatherapy Household Cleaning Search for products

Household cleaning products made with natural ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar, and anti-microbial essential oils such as Lemon and White Pine.

Window & Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Window & Glass Cleaner Concentrate

A 4 oz. refill of our natural Window & Glass Cleaner.  Add it to your 22 oz. spray bottle, fill with water, and shake before each use.

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are the perfect choice for those who want to do their laundry naturally.  Colorful and handmade in the US, 3 dryer balls tossed in with wet clothes increase circulation, reducing drying time by up to half.  They help soften clothing without chemicals, can be re-used for YEARS, and once a few drops of quality essential oil are added to them, leave clothes with a light, natural scent.  Set of 3; please allow us to choose colors for you.