How to Dress up Appropriately When You Have Have Cellulite

Having cellulite makes your legs look loose and saggy. It ruins the entire look of your legs and no matter how much you work out, legs look under-toned and disformed. Here the question arises: How can you dress appropriately to hide the accumulated cellulite? We have gathered some information in this article to answer this question so let’s check it out together.

How to Dress up Appropriately When You Have Have Cellulite

How to Hide Cellulite

Cellulite can be easily hidden using an appropriate dress. Wearing tight fitted shape-wear can be a good choice for hiding cellulite. It will help in compressing the cellulite. After that you can easily wear your party dress over it.

You can wear leggings to hide cellulite and look attractive without worrying about the loose skin on your thighs. Another suggestion is to avoid wearing short dresses so that the cellulite is not visible to everyone. Make sure your dress has appropriate length if you are not comfortable with showing off your legs.

If you have very prominent cellulite, before wearing a dress massage your skin to let the bumps settle a little bit. This will break the lumps and unevenness on your skin and make it look much better than before. After that, wearing leggings will create a lot of difference.

Which Underwear Are Good for Cellulite

Now coming towards underwear. Cellulite requires wearing some leggings to keep the skin in place. But with these leggings, you need to choose underwear which is not visible from outside. So, you should choose the best underwear for leggings which does not show the seams of the underwear and you can comfortably and confidently wear it while doing workout or just spending your day. You can also wear a nude shape-wear as an undergarment for your long party dresses or gowns to look elegant.

Some Key Points to Remember

Remember a few things when choosing clothes for hiding cellulite:

  • It should be breathable enough. Keep it light and airy
  • Don’t make it too tight that your skin starts suffocating. Make sure it does not block your blood circulation.
  • Prefer soft fabric that is not abrasive.
  • The fabric should be high quality and skin friendly.
  • Wear as few layers as you can so your skin stays easy.

How You Can Prevent Cellulite from Accumulating

If you are interested in losing weight and are working out continuously, make sure you do it at a slow pace. Abrupt weight loss can lead directly to cellulite formation. Similarly, if you are planning to put on weight, keep the exercise regular and slow. You should also keep a good skincare routine so that your skin is healthy and cellulite formation is not triggered. Eat a healthy diet so that sufficient nutrients are present in your skin and your skin cells do not shrink due to lack of nourishment. Similarly, keep a good intake of water to keep the cells plump and hydrated. If you experience very excessive cellulite formation, also consult a dermatologist so that you may have a look if there is anything serious going on in your body.


So now you know, cellulite is not that much of a big deal. You only need to dress up properly and make sure your skin is tightened up sufficiently, to give a firm look to the loose skin. Choose comfortable dressing and make sure it’s breathable enough. At the end of the day, it’s your choice how you want to look and what is your preference. Be comfortable and happy in your skin because you are beautiful the way you are!